About Us

Our award winning hall was completed in December 2000, to replace its worn out predecessor.

If you were to look for the original hall you would have found a garage, which was used by the local women’s institute, who in little time decided a more specialised structure was called for.

The land sold to the village by the slingsby estate for the princely sum of 7 pounds & 10 shillings where the “temporary structure” which stood for about 55 years came into existence, as a pre made asbestos building, which arrived on a lorry.

Finally after years of tireless work, and donations, the new hall was built. After 75 years, the old hall had branched into many clubs and groups all of whom were very grateful to make the transition from old hall too new

Today we have a variety of users including Forest Moor Womens Institute, karate classes, kung-fu, pilates, yoga, craft clubs, a table tennis group. There is also a full sized snooker table available for hire.